Makerere University hosted this year’s International Condom Day Celebrations, a day that was full of delivery of sexual and reproductive health services and products alongside health education and entertainment from dancers and skaters.

On Saturday (10th/Feb/2018) morning AHF(AIDS Healthcare Foundation) - Uganda Cares Supported by Public Health Ambassadors Uganda started off the day in Makerere University with a mobilization drive through the various Halls of residence in an effort to attract the students to the three main service points that were at Nkrumah, Lumumba and Africa halls.


The services offered included; condom distribution which was the day’s obvious, HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, cervical cancer screening and safe male circumcision. The numbers from the above respective services were pretty impressive, with 472 people who tested for HIV/AIDS, 9 were screened for cervical cancer and 1 person underwent safe male circumcision which makes a total of 482people who received services.

Condom distribution was a headliner among the services delivered on that day. There were three brands of condoms that were distributed to students. That is Icon and Love brands from AHF-Uganda Cares and Hot Pink from Marie Stopes International. 28800condoms distributed belonged to the Icon brand while the Love brand had 36000 condoms distributed as well as 115200 Hot pink condoms from Marie Stopes International. This makes up a total of 180000condoms distributed. Marie Stopes, also supported by selling emergency contraception at 1500/= the lowest price on the market which came with an extra pack as an offer. 


The day was spiced with thrilling performances from dancers and skaters that entertained the students with acrobatic antics and incredible dance moves.

International Condom Day is always celebrated by AHF – Uganda Cares every 13th of February, a day before Valentine’s. Since it fell on a weekday AHF brought it forward to Saturday the 10th.   


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