Mr Edema George, the Deputy Principle UTC Kyema receives a suggestion box and a condom dispenser from Joseph Kasaija the project officer for YoSpace Masindi and Gideon Ssenoga PSI’s Area Project Officer.

Students in Institutions of higher learning still suffer an astonishing lack of access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights, among major setback that predisposes them to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

This was witnessed by Public Health Ambassadors Uganda on its outreach to Uganda Technical College Kyema in Masindi district. Students in this institute, more especially the females expressed deep dissatisfaction in the college’s ability to provide them with SRHSR like different family planning methods.

“The school clinic does not provide any form of family planning services and yet so many students here are either married or in committed relationships,” said Aheebwa Margaret, a diploma student of architecture at the college.

Kakonzi Jovia the college nurse admits that her clinic only offers first aid services and refers serious cases to Masindi general hospital. She further says that the school does not have the capacity to provide the SRHSR services in spite of the fact that the students need them.

PHAU later established that the college’s policies have not yet incorporated the provision of family planning services as part of student’s rights. This was evidenced by the college deputy’s reluctance to accept a condom dispenser donated by the YoSpace project. “We shall discuss with the nurse and the principle. If they say it’s okay then we shall proceed and install the dispenser.” Said Edema George, the college deputy.

UTC Kyema benefited from the YoSpace project when PHAU conducted an institutional outreach over where a number of students received services like health education, HIV/AIDS counselling and testing, cervical cancer screening and family planning. Over 170 students received services including HIV Counselling and Testing, free condoms and family planning.    

YoSpace will soon be having a major concert in Masindi district dubbed “Famile Pulaningi mu Dongo” where the entire public, more especially young people of age 15-24 years will be treated to an ecstasy of edutainment from their favourite artists alongside receiving numerous services like family planning, blood donation among others.


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