Be part of the GEV Poetry and Storytelling competition and make your voice heard!

The GEV Poetry and Storytelling Competition 2023 is a unique opportunity for Ugandan girls and young women who have a passion for poetry and storytelling to make their voices heard and contribute to the fight against socio-economic inequalities. This competition is part of a broader call to action for gender equity, which aims to address all forms of inequality and promote the rights of girls and women.

To enter the competition, participants must submit two creative pieces, either a poem or a story, in both text and audio format, with each piece not exceeding three pages or three and a half minutes in length, respectively. The deadline for submission is March 31, 2023, and all entries must be sent to the PHAU email address at

A panel of judges, including experienced creatives, youth and adolescent experts, a PHAU board member, and a representative from one of the competition’s partners, will assess each submission based on originality, creativity, the accuracy of the information, call to action, and edutainment. The top 10 finalists will be selected and announced on PHAU’s website and social media platforms a few days before the grand finale event.

The grand finale event, which will take place at the National Theatre on April 14, 2023, will feature performances from the top 10 finalists. The judges will select the top three performances, while viewers will vote for the “Viewer’s choice” award. The four winners will receive cash prizes, with the grand prize being UgX 1,500,000, the first runner-up prize UgX 1,000,000, the second runner-up prize UgX 500,000, and the Viewer’s choice prize UgX 300,000.

In addition to the competition itself, PHAU intends to transform the top 4 finalist performances into audio-visual tools that can be shared across different media and online platforms to amplify the voices, needs, and rights of girls and women and inspire change practices that support bridging the gender-related socio-economic inequality gaps that still exist in Uganda.

The partners of the GEV Poetry and Storytelling Competition 2023 include PHAU, AKF Canada, Global Affairs Canada, and the Commonwealth Foundation. This competition represents a significant step forward in promoting gender equity and empowering girls and women to use their creativity to make a difference.

10 thoughts on “Be part of the GEV Poetry and Storytelling competition and make your voice heard!”

  1. abdullatif khalid says:

    This is a very nice engagement that will cause a positive change in our societies.

    1. Dennis Ernest Ssesanga says:

      Thank you Khalid for your nice feedback.

  2. Omal Shakira Namubiru says:

    This very helpful. Thank you for supporting us and informing us on what we need to know about our rights as girls.
    Girls like me now have hope knowing there people working hard for our equity and equality to put out in the sun for every one to know and see..
    We are empowered enough now to speak for our selves and know our worth. Thank you PHAU. Jah bless you

    1. Dennis Ernest Ssesanga says:

      You welcome Omal. We look forward to continuing this great work and its feedback from people like you that keeps us going.

  3. Cyrus says:

    Great opportunity for AYPs and poets to showcase their advocacy skills through talents

    1. Dennis Ernest Ssesanga says:

      Thank you Cyrus!

  4. Ameede Loyce Charity says:

    I am s young woman with hearing impairment and a sign language poet. I would like to take part to fight for women equality.

    1. Dennis Ernest Ssesanga says:

      Hello Loyce, thank you for getting to us. Did you get a response via email or our whatsapp? We look forward to hearing from you on future events? Kindly share with us email on and share some of your poetry.

  5. Tusiime Sharon Erinah says:


    1. Dennis Ernest Ssesanga says:

      Thank you Sharon. Did you have any other activities you have followed about our work on line? Please check our social media pages as well for more nice work.

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