The Luganda word ‘Ensonga’, translates into English as ‘The Issue’. This name reflects a great concern that for many Ugandan girls, menstruation still poses a genuine issue or problem. Menstruation is associated with stigma, taboos, a lack of appropriate facilities including products, water and sanitation facilities that all hinder girls from maximising their education. 

Parents have held themselves responsible for the increased cases of teenage pregnancies in Luwero district. Claiming they have not done enough parenting and left their girls to lead very permissive and reckless lives.

Some of the VHTs taking part in the Action Plan making exercise during a workshop on Policy Advocacy in Bamunanika Sub County, Luwero district.

VHTs from three Sub Counties in Luwero District took part in a two-day workshop where they were empowered with skills to advocate for adolescent girls and young women by Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU).

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