Ensonga Project- Its Still On!

Ensonga is a Menstrual Hygiene Management project being implemented in 10 schools (4 primary schools and 6 secondary schools) on Masaka road in Wakiso district.

The aim of this project is to improve knowledge, attitudes and perception of boys and girls on menstruation and improve management of menstrual periods among the girls.

As per now, PHAU has reached over 7000 students and pupils in 9 schools with information on proper personal hygiene; menstrual hygiene inclusive, the menstrual cycle, products to use during menstruation and addressed myths and misconceptions they have on menstruation.

Some of the ensonga project beneficiaries from schools

PHAU has also started conducting sewing workshops in these 10 schools with an aim of ruling out menstrual periods as a reason for dropping out of school. In these workshops, PHAU is teaching these young people on how to make reusable pads with materials they can readily access and afford in their communities.

To push the agenda, PHAU has distributed 40 sewing machines (4 machines per school) and other sewing materials to the different schools which they are to use while learning on how to make reusable pads. These sewing sessions commenced before the end of term one and now 126 students and pupils from 9 schools are well conversant with using the sewing machine. Moving forward, these students will teach their fellow students and their peers in the community.

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