In commemoration of World AIDS Day 2014, PHAU in partnership with African Women Development Fund (AWDF) organized the 1st World AIDS Day Flash Mob in Uganda aimed at increasing awareness on the HIV prevention strategies; abstinence, being faithful, condom use, and elimination of mother to Child transmission of HIV (EMTCT), safe male circumcision as well as routine HIV counseling and testing among couples using an edutainment, informative and performance arts approach.

Furthermore, with support from Uganda Cares, TASO Mulago, International Health Sciences University (IHSU), UAP Insurance, British Airways and A & S Electronics, young people received free voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) services as well as free condoms as they dual protection against HIV/AIDS, STIs and unplanned pregnancy. Empowering young people with HIV related information is important for getting the figures to zero. Therefore, Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU) engaged five youth dances; Storm Riders Dance Crew, Kingdom Swagga Crew, Stormers, Chains Off Salsa group and Integrity Power to come up with an edutainment and informative flash mob with over 50 dancers putting emphasis on the HIV prevention strategies as mentioned above which was staged at Colville Street, Kampala road at 5pm. The flash mob attracted over 500 young people working within and around the city center who provided audience to thrilling and epic dance moves from the different dancers/participants. The dancers wore branded t-shirts with #Getting 2 Zero, #Everyone’s Responsibility message plus a drop down banner that was dropped with similar message. We at PHAU believe that the #Getting2Zero Campaign will run throughout 2015 reaching out to the different regions of the country using an edutainment, informative and performance arts approach. This is because the spread or the fight is not a one day activity that should stop only on 1st December, therefore the struggle continues and let’s join the fight against the HIV epidemic in Uganda.

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