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The YoSpace Project is designed to educate young people with accurate SRHR information and being referred to family planning services and YoSpace Health Facilities. During a recent visit to Jinja City and Jinja District, we spoke with some users of these services about their experiences. These young women gave us insight into the types of family planning available to them, along with the benefits of using them which they have experienced during their time using these methods.


Twenty-two-year-old Dinah, from Munyegela Zone, first heard about family planning services offered by PHAU through a radio announcement. Like countless others, Dinah became intrigued by the services offered at YoSpace facilities through the local radio. After hearing more about what was offered by the peer educators, Dinah’s interest was piqued and she enquired more.

Dinah currently uses the injectable for family planning. At first, she was dismissive and unsure about this form of contraception. However, after being educated about the injectable she became interested and agreed to it. The injectable was initially administered to Dinah at Kivejinja Hospital in Buwenge, where she now renews this service.

While initially facing uncertainty regarding the injectable as family planning, Dinah now reaps the benefits of this service. Dinah told us she is already a mother and has two children. Through using family planning she was able to space her children out, having them when she wanted to. This allowed her to rest in between having children, and her family is now in a good place from this.


Christine, who lives in Buwenge, heard about family planning through her peers. After discovering this service, she decided to visit Guardian Angel Medical Centre, a YoSpace Health Facility. It was here that she was able to speak to a peer educator, Oscar, who helped her by providing accurate SRHR information and advice.

Christine’s chosen method of family planning is condoms. Through this method she is able to prevent pregnancy, as well as protect herself from STDs such as HIV/AIDS.

Through the use of the YoSpace services, Christine has experienced many benefits. Mainly, she highlighted that she has no children through the use of condoms. As she presently has no children, Christine has time for herself and her own goals. In addition, her lack of children at the present has allowed her to put all of her efforts into work, furthering her career and bettering her future prospects.


Nineteen-year-old Rachel, from Bugamaga, heard about family planning through Cissy, a peer educator for PHAU. This interaction with a YoSpace peer educator obviously had a profound effect on Rachel, as she cited that she was interested in these services as soon as their conversation ended.

Rachel currently uses the injectable as a form of family planning. She receives the injectable at Kivejinja Hospital in Buwenge. Prior to using the injectable, Rachel told us that she was afraid to engage in sexual intercourse because she thought that she would become pregnant as soon as she did. Through using the injectable Rachel has gained confidence and is able to freely express her sexuality.


Eighteen-year-old Judith, from Buwenge, also heard about family planning through peer educator Cissy. Cissy provided Judith with all the information she needed along with giving her a voucher to bring with her to the YoSpace Health Facility for services.

Judith’s chosen method of family planning is the injectable, which was administered at Kivejinja Hospital in Buwenge. Before she was using this service, Judith encountered a fear faced by millions of women – the fear of getting pregnant. Through the use of the injectable, Judith is now able to enjoy sexual intercourse without the fear of becoming pregnant before she is ready.

Family planning users discussing their experiences with us

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