Finance Officer

Job Title: Finance Officer

Department: Finance

Reports to: Finance Manager

PHAU is looking for a finance officer

Job Purpose: As part of the finance team, the Finance officer is responsible for assisting in implementing the overall accounting and financial control systems for PHAU.

S/he is also responsible for using adequate and appropriate internal controls to meet generally recognized accounting standards.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Support in the preparation/ development of field monthly financial reports which includes QB postings, bank reconciliations, journal entries preparation, personal advances, balance reports, grand summary sheets, supporting payment vouchers, petty cash journal and summarized expenditure etc.
  • Ensure that all project-related transactions are conducted, processed and recorded as per system of Chart of Accounts.
  • Timely preparation and processing of payments by ensuring that all payments are reasonable, allowable, allocable to the project. This includes liaising with procurement to ensure that all payments are adequately supported.
  • Carry out banking transactions which includes, cash withdrawals, check deposits, EFTs etc. while strictly observing the laid down cash handling procedure.
  • Tighten internal controls pertaining online banking & Mobile money to mitigate risks.
  • Following up to ensure that all prior period un-reconciled transactions i.e. un-cleared deposits, uncleared checks etc. are reconciled as soon as possible and flagging out any long outstanding transactions.
  • Management of petty cash fund and processing petty cash and bank vouchers.
  • Assist in Preparation of monthly cash projections for submission to home office under the direction of the Finance Manager. This also includes Bi weekly wire confirmations.
  • Support the management of personnel payroll and benefits accounting.
  • As part of the finance team, ensure that all project financial and accounting tasks are accomplished accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Assist in periodic inventory/ asset and stores audit and advice the Finance and Director accordingly.
  • Advice senior management on any areas with potential to impact on systems of internal controls and procedures. Other accounting, financial and administrative tasks consistent with the overall scope of this position.
  • Provide administrative support during trainings, workshops and meetings; Ensure proper room arrangements and facilitation of participants; paying per diem and transport refunds to participants; arrange and coordinate venues; organize stationary /printing /training equipment/copying, sorting and packaging.
  • Work with the technical staff to prepare invitations for meetings/workshops and follow up with participants as needed.
  • Schedules and convenes executive and stakeholder meetings; takes meeting minutes, prepares and distributes the minutes in a timely manner. Identifies action items and ensures follow-up on action items through to their completion.
  • Account for money advanced for any purchases and payments made during the meeting/workshops.
  • Perform any other task assigned by supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Accounting, Management, or other relevant field. CPA/ACCA Level I is an added advantage.
  • Excellent writing, computer, management and organizational skills.
  • Ability to independently plan and execute complex tasks while addressing daily management details and remaining organized and focused on long-term deadlines and strategy.
  • Working Experience of 1 year in a busy environment.

Interested Candidates should send in their cover letters and CVs to not later than Monday 29th June, 2020.

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