Green Skills For Youth Day Celebrations

Every year 12th August is marked as the annual celebration of International Youth Day. The theme of the International Youth Day 2023 is Green Skills for Youth, Towards a sustainable world. The objective of the Youth Day “intergenerational solidarity: creating a world for all ages.” Keep Inspiring, keep building responsible youth by promoting a simple and healthy lifestyle to conserve energy and save the earth.

As we celebrate the International Youth Day, let’s support and stand with young people in shaping a just and sustainable world, for people and planet.

Green skills for youth

The nation which has young population is certainly the most resourceful nation who can contribute to the green transition for a longer period of time.

Happy International Youth Day to all the young brains!

Y- Yearning for a bright future

O- Old and young searching for greener pastures

U- Under any weather to survive.

T- Toiling Day and night for their Daily Bread

H- Hands together praying and hoping for a brighter tomorrow. Hindsight never was their promise.

D- Daily grace, mercy and blessings attained from God.

A- As

Y- Young people are rising, fighting, and taking back their future.

By valuing the contributions of all generations, we create a more just and equitable world. Youth participation contributes to positive youth development.

Green skills are those that enable the environmental sustainability of economic activities. Skills that contribute to reducing pollution or conserving natural resources.

What green skills do you have?

How are you developing them?

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