International Youth Day E-Marathon 2020

Due to the disruptions brought about by COVID 19, the 2020 Fourth Edition of the Annual International Youth Day Marathon will be an online Version. This Youth Day e-marathon edition will be dedicated to celebrating youth civic power, energies and enthusiasm for social-economic and political inclusion under the theme “Youth Engagement for Global Action”.

the 2020 Fourth Edition of the Annual International Youth Day Marathon will be an online Version

The objective for 2020

This year’s edition is intended to mobilize, engage and empower previously excluded youth minority groups by providing them with tailored platforms to influence the ongoing civic processes in the country. The Youth-led e-Marathon recognizes the civic potentials of youth particularly those in the arts, music, informal and corporate sectors who rarely engage in mainstream civic and political activities.

Every runner in this year’s international Youth Day e-marathon has their own reason to run. We thought long and hard about how we could support our Youth participants and their motivation for running under the current severe circumstances. After long consultations with Young people and deep consideration, we have decided to organize an “Online Marathon”. With this, Don’t miss the opportunity to engage youth in a special Digital way in a celebration of this important day.

The event will offer an opportunity for youths to participate in a Digital marathon this followed by online festival of music,arts, inspirational speeches, e-dialogues on youth issues, led by organisations that serve to empower youth and address the challenges they face. The organising team expects to reach over 10,000 young people who will participate virtually.

How do I participate?

We invite you to engage youths in this event by encourage them to run individually within their Home compounds or outdoor fields within their respective communities whilst observing social distancing guidelines by the Ministry of Health. Guidelines will be shared in the coming days on how to participate. We also invite you to run an activity. The marathon is an initiative of one of our partners the Youth Equality Centre(YEC) Uganda.

Current activities include e-dialogues and e-concerts, e-information booths and e-health screenings/information and services. Partnership slots are limited! Please respond no later than July 20, 2020 to or call directly on+2567777606962.

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  1. Namagembe Flavia says:

    Wow, thank you for the support PHAU
    Together we win and progress

    1. Dennis Ernest Ssesanga says:

      you welcome Flavia

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