New Collaboration with Diwala

We are happy to announce that PHAU recently started a new collaboration with DIWALA. The Diwala platform enable educational institutions and NGOs to issue skill identities to youth. A skill identity is the new digital way of showcasing a persons verified achievements.

Diwala’s mission is to build an ecosystem of trust, by enabling any organisation to safely issue and verify digital credentials and certificates utilising blockchain technology. Using Diwala’s technology, PHAU shall combat the challenge of invalid certificates as an institution thus safeguarding our reputation.

PHAU in efforts has always sought to be relevant to the times and communities it serves. Its against that background that PHAU embraced the use of ICT in increasing access to SRH information and services.

The new collaboration with Diwala shall promote the use of ICT for Health as an approach that will champion efforts that empower young people to make informed decisions related to their sexual and reproductive health and well being.

New Collaboration with Diwala
PHAU is happy to strategically work with Diwala

This engagement will enable PHAU and the trained graduate respectively as below;

  • Instantly issue certification to graduated students, online and hassle free.
  • Graduates can easily share the certificates online with employers.

 We are excited about this partnership to advance transparency and enable local and global work opportunities for talent in Uganda.

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