November Workshop: Research in Global Health Emergencies

24 November 2020 | 10:00-15:00 EAT

There is an increase in the occurrence of epidemics and outbreaks globally, many of which are emerging such as COVID 19. These may have no known treatment or vaccines and thus present a great threat and challenge to the global public health. Research is key to finding interventions such as treatments and vaccines for such emerging global health emergencies. However, conducting research during such epidemics is very challenging due to the very nature of the outbreak.

This workshop aims to equip participants with knowledge and skills to conduct research during outbreaks and epidemics. The workshop will cover areas such as navigating the ethical landscape for research in epidemics, rapidly developing proposals that can be adapted and implemented during epidemics, as well as areas of safety during data collections.

November Workshop: Research in Global Health Emergencies

Join the discussion group to connect with other delegates and learn more about the programme. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to

  • Generate research topics/areas that can be conducted during epidemics and outbreaks
  • Understand and work through the processes of obtaining ethical approval for research during epidemics
  • Appreciate and navigate the ethical challenges associated with research conducted in epidemics
  • Ensure safety of the participants and research team before, during and after research in epidemics
  • Disseminate and publish research findings during epidemics 


Certificates of Attendance will be available. To be eligible for one you must register in Zoom (even if you are joining from a classroom); You must attend for at least 80% of the workshop; You must complete the workshop evaluation. 

Your Certificate of Attendance will automatically be emailed to you once we have confirmed that you have met the above requirements.

Please refer to The Global Health Network’s certificates policy for more information.

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