Open Mic Mega Concert

Despite Covid-19’s disruption of activities and social events in the country due to the lock-down and curfews, the Open Mic Project Team in partnership with local partner (Opportunigee) in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, managed to successfully record and put together an online event ‘‘The Open Mic Online Mega Concert’ that concluded our project timeline.
The project aimed to promote intercultural dialogue and social cohesion among the refugees.

The Open Mic Project in its 16th month run in the settlement with an online concert on the Open Mic Uganda’s  Facebook & Instagram. The show is uploaded on YouTube.
This project has been implemented by Open Mic Uganda in partnership with Public Health Ambassadors Uganda and a local partner Opportunigee.

We are proud to have premiered it on our social media channels YouTube & Facebook, while also practicing safety in with the artists and crew members.

The open mic mega concert was a great success.

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