PHAU was started in 2011 as a Music, Dance and Drama club at International Health Sciences University (IHSU). The founding group was comprised of young people who were passionate about dancing, music and drama as a social activity. The club was created to offer free Latino, hip-hop and ballroom dance classes to both university students and secondary school students to promote physical, social and mental wellbeing of youths through sharing of skills, experiences and knowledge. With support from IHSU administration, it was evident how effective music, dance and drama have on positive change and impact in the lives of young people within the university and the surrounding communities. Therefore, PHAU became an outreach entity whose purpose of establishment was to increase awareness, sensitization and adoption of safe adolescent sexual and reproductive health behavior and practices through edutainment, informative and performance arts approach such as plays, skits, poems, dance narratives and flash mobs

PHAU also advocates for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (ASRHR) within the surrounding community through community development initiatives, youth empowerment, advocacy and social entrepreneurship.

Makindye Hill, Mobutu Road
Box 34163

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