The Girl’s ACT is a multi-institutional drive that primarily aims to scale up the uptake of HIV/AIDS services and other connected support services. Girl’s ACT is locally dubbed as “Girls Kisoboka” meaning “It’s Possible for too” which is primarily a young women and adolescent girl’s drive targeting this population sub-group, 12-24 years of age, from all walks of life. However, considering that YWAG do not live in a vacuum, this campaign will secondarily target their families and young men especially those aged 12 -24 years from all walks of life, from different socioeconomic groupings and dwellings.

The execution of this campaign will primarily be carried out by collaborating HIV Service Delivery Organizations, Youth Focused Organizations, Media Houses, and Corporate Companies all under the stewardship of AIDS Healthcare Foundation - Uganda Cares. All campaign activities will be collectively planned, designed, financially supported and implemented by AHF-Uganda Cares  in collaboration with Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU) with support from other partners.  

What are the intentions of the Girl’s ACT Campaign?

This proposed multi-institutional campaign, intends to;

  • Increase demand and access to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment services amongst young people especially YWAG.
  • Increase HIV testing levels amongst young people so as to inform planning and programming around treatment and prevention for this age group.
  • Strengthen linkages into HIV care of young people diagnosed with HIV
  • Strengthen linkages into information systems for Young People found HIV Negative
  • Ensure greater coordination amongst agencies providing HIV/AIDS and other connected services to young people.
  • A shift in culture; so that young people’s views on health, HIV/AIDS and related services are listened to and respected.

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