Currently, pregnancy rates amongst teenage girls are quoted at 25% (Uganda Population Secretariat, 2011), making Uganda one of the countries with the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in Sub Saharan Africa. Many adolescents face a lot of pressure to engage in sexual activity and sexually active adolescents are increasingly at high risk of contracting and transmitting STIs including HIV and AIDS and they are typically poorly informed about how to protect themselves (UNFPA, 2012). According to recent survey conducted within 3 secondary schools by PHAU 2014, fact that 56.5% of parents had never discussed any sex related issues with their children calls for parent involvement in sex equation. Therefore, “Worth The Wait” project running under the theme of “Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Initiative”;is a student-based adolescent reproductive health intervention that has been specifically designed to address issues of HIV, STIs, prevention, causes and effects of teenage pregnancy among secondary school going students between 13 to 20 years within Wakiso and Kampala district. The project is based on the behavioral change theory that focuses on delaying first sexual experience, increase HIV, STI and teen pregnancy related information as well as increase the uptake of youth friendly services in five random selected secondary schools. Therefore, the project uses a slogan in all materials and activities; “Be Proud” Be Responsible” “Be Protective”.



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