Phau app is a mobile-based comprehensive sexual education tool and information platform to improve the health and self-awareness of adolescents through the digital mobile-based services in Africa. 

Its a light app with a 10mb size so one should not worry about space consumption. The app allows the user send voice note queries and so the team has worked had to ensure that anyone can use it to seek health information.

check out the updated app.
Our counselors are highly trained and ready to listen to you.

The app was designed as an effort towards promotion of the use of ICT for health. As one of its approaches, the PHAU team hopes that it shall contribute to increasing access to SRH information and services.

The phau app got updated for the android version where it is currently having more than 1000+ downloads. The IoS version will come out soon as demand increases with regard to our target market. Download the app.

The app recently got two updates;
1. Auto Version Update.   

2. Get notified when your question is answered.

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