PHAU Takes Action at the Global Forum on Adolescents 

Over 9,000 people from all over the world registered for the Global Forum with more than half of all registrants being young people under 30. The two days of content engaged a diverse mix of thought leaders, changemakers, and passionate individuals in crucial conversations and commitments toward adolescent health and well-being.  Our team leader, Lillibet Namakula was one of the Global Forum moderators.

The Forum closed with the exciting launch of the Agenda for Action for Adolescents, responding to the demands of over 1.2 million young people from 80 countries, and the announcement of commitments from a wide range of stakeholders, including 18 Member States, 2 Regional Committees, 13 philanthropic and funding organisations, 2 NGOs, and other organisations. If you missed a session you wanted to watch, you can still do so here. 

The 1.8 Billion Young People for Change campaign carries on with more national events besides the global forum and other joint advocacy activities throughout the world. To keep in touch, follow us anf Guttmacheur on social media, and if you have not already done so, subscribe to 1.8 News and the 1.8 newsletter.  

We look forward to your engagement as we continue to Unite, Rise, and Lead for a better future for young people worldwide.  

Lastly, your feedback is welcome in this PMNCH this survey 

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