PHAU Takes Attends HIV Stakeholders’ Meeting

PHAU took part in the Stakeholders’ Meeting organised by Uganda Aids Commission (UAC) on Friday, October 27, 2023, at the Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala. The participants were invited to discuss and validate the report that was put together during the consultative process of the study titled “A Youth Situational Analysis Report.

To improve the coordination of the young people, UAC, with financial support from BACKUP HEALTH GIZ/FCDO, undertook an analysis to document the current HIV status among youth.

It also included how they have contributed to ending HIV/AIDS by 2030, challenges faced, and key recommendations to stakeholders and policymakers on reducing new HIV infections, especially among young people. 

Specifically, the youth situational analysis seeks the following:

1) To collect and share youth voices on their contributions to ending HIV/AIDS by 2030.

2) To understand key context-based gaps and challenges related to reducing HIV incidence among different youth groups in Uganda.

3) To document and disseminate youth recommendations to key stakeholders on innovative interventions to reduce HIV incidence, especially among youth.

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