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Call for Abstracts and Presentations

All stakeholders who are interested in PHYS 2018 are invited to submit their abstracts and presentations for this symposium. The Sub themes to be discussed will include:

Sexual and Reproductive Health (Health and Wellbeing)

  • Sustain and accelerate decline in infant mortality
  • Address unmet need for family planning by reducing barriers of demand, access and use
  • Sustainable investment in family planning

 Employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Address barriers to employment faced by youth

 Education and Skills Development

  • Increase investments in education
  • Address quality issues, school drop-outs and gender differences
  • Strengthen vocational education
  • Address skills mismatch between what the education system produces and what the market requires

Rights, Governance and Youth Empowerment

  • Improve efficiency and accountability in delivery of public services

Abstract Format

Abstracts are limited to 500 words with Title and Contact email. Content should include; Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Or Background, Intervention/Activities, Results, Lessons Learnt