​ Join us! – You have the unique opportunity to actively shape the future after the COVID19 pandemic with new ideas, creative concepts, and innovative approaches by taking part in the Post-pandemic hackathon for Africa.

KlugCode and Public Health Ambassadors Uganda(PHAU)  aim to empower disadvantaged communities in Africa through supporting tech innovations designed by, with, and for them. ​​  


25th-30th August 2020 


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You can participate from any place in the world as long as you have access to the Internet. The hackathon will be hosted online! 



Anyone who is interested in working together with people from all over the world on creative and innovative solutions for the challenges of Covid-19 can participate

 Innovators of different fields of knowledge(computer science,data analysis,ICT,technology,economy,health and education,design,…)are welcome. 


The global spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2 has shown once more, that health care and education systems all over the world are over burdened in the face of such a threat. Even though case numbers are still relatively low, we have no time to lose since the situation can change quickly due to the exponential spread of the virus.

Regional and social differences are big thus yielding a limited nedical personnel, devices and drugs. And most likely, the Covid-19 data coming out may not represent the actual truth.Therefore, we aim to break down the barriers to health innovations that are urgently needed in Africa, appropriate data systems are needed to ensure flexibility in sharing data for policy decisions regarding the spread of the virus.

According to the worldwide rankings,  Africa´s education system shows a poor performance. Therefore, in order to prevent that children are restricted in their education and development because of the pandemic, new innovative solutions must evolve.  Your participation in this Hackathon means exercising your commitment for rebuilding the healthcare and education systems, reconnecting and trying to deal with this global threat. This will offer a possibility to stop another wave of the virus spread we don’t want to go back to the same global crisis again, like it has been in the last seven months.


AfriHack is a Hackathon (combination of „hack “and „marathon “), which is a collaborative event, where innovators of different areas of knowledge work together as a cross-functional team and search for innovative solutions for and with Africa. As part of a small team you “hack” or work together with other bright minds on a project of your choice for five days. During the hackathon, innovators will have access to mentorships, interactive online workshops and a platform to showcase their innovations. At the end your work will be assessed by a jury consisting of five experts and by public voting. Prizes will be awarded based on the project’s creativity, execution, ability to learn as a team and impact made to the target users or the community. The winning teams will get the opportunity to implement their projects with support from the Klugcode team and the partnering organisations.

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