Water, Hygiene & Sanitation (WASH)

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) are directly related to the health, well-being, education and opportunity for adolescents and youth. PHAU’s WASH-related work incorporates life skills-based learning and action (inside and outside the classroom) to increase the capacity of adolescents and youths to adapt to water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in their local community.

WASH education in schools programs aims to ensure an enabling environment for adolescents and youths through increasing awareness, and knowledge on issues of personal hygiene and community sanitation, while leading to positive social change.

Its activities include:

  • Increasing access to information on menstrual hygiene management during school trainings
  • Distribution of reusable sanitary pads, menstrual cups and projects to train on sewing pads
  • Distribution of IEC materials in schools
  • Formation of sanitation health clubs and committees in schools and communities
  • Improving access to safe water through provision of water harvesting facilities and hand washing facilities
  • Construction of sustainable sanitary facilities.

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