The Girl’s ACT is a multi-institutional drive that primarily aims to scale up the uptake of HIV/AIDS services and other connected support services. Girl’s ACT is locally dubbed as “Girls Kisoboka” meaning “It’s Possible for too” which is primarily a young women and adolescent girl’s drive targeting this population sub-group, 12-24 years of age, from all walks of life. However, considering that YWAG do not live in a vacuum, this campaign will secondarily target their families and young men especially those aged 12 -24 years from all walks of life, from different socioeconomic groupings and dwellings.

The execution of this campaign will primarily be carried out by collaborating HIV Service Delivery Organizations, Youth-Focused Organizations, Media Houses, and Corporate Companies all under the stewardship of AIDS Healthcare Foundation - Uganda Cares. All campaign activities will be collectively planned, designed, financially supported and implemented by AHF-Uganda Cares in collaboration with Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU) with support from other partners.  

What are the intentions of the Girl’s ACT Campaign?

This proposed multi-institutional campaign intends to;

  • Increase demand and access to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment services amongst young people especially YWAG.
  • Increase HIV testing levels amongst young people so as to inform planning and programming around treatment and prevention for this age group.
  • Strengthen linkages into HIV care of young people diagnosed with HIV
  • Strengthen linkages into information systems for Young People found HIV Negative
  • Ensure greater coordination amongst agencies providing HIV/AIDS and other connected services to young people.
  • A shift in culture; so that young people’s views on health, HIV/AIDS and related services are listened to and respected.