THE TWIST is a play on sexual reproductive health and family planning that seeks to address some of the above issues, at least in part. Written by Nargis Shirazi, it is staged in rural-urban Uganda and revolves around one man, his immediate family, and close friends.
The play is written in an art of comedy and tailored to reflect cultural norms, gender roles, poverty and the burden of planning for children. The characters range from flat (those whose character roles remain the same to the end) to round characters (those that experience behavior change).
In the play, we meet Deo, the man that wants a son! Bond, the suave ladies’ man! Tembo, the best mechanic at the village town garage who believes his Ugandan parents were meant to be Jamaican. The question is, what would happen if ever the tables were turned in a typical African home? Will the twist change society’s norms?