The New Covid-19 Directives in Uganda

The president addressing the nation on Friday night evening.
The President addresses the nation recently

President Museveni on Friday evening eased lockdown restrictions following the advice of scientists and projections from National Planning Authority (NPA). The President recently made some new announcements in a Covid-19 presidential update on 29th August 2021. Below is the summary of revised Covid-19 directives;

  1. Curfew time maintained from 7 pm – 5.30 am
  2. Boda Bodas are allowed to move up to 6 pm, as long as they carry 1 passenger at a time.
  3. Kikuubo to reopen, only if kiosks are removed and roadside vending is relocated.
  4. Malls, arcades and business centres to open as long as they comply with SOPs.
  5. Burial and wedding numbers to be maintained at 20.
  6. Churches, Mosques and other places of worship remain closed.
  7. Outdoor sports events to open but with no spectators.
  8. Indoor sports events like gyms, pool tables to remain closed. So do casinos, & theatres.
  9. Bars remain closed.
  10. Restaurants to remain open.
  11. Salons to open under strict observance of SOPs.
  12. Saunas and steam baths to remain closed.
  13. Schools remain closed until sufficient vaccination of teachers is done. Medical schools to be given a special arrangement.
  14. Office workers in Government and other private companies to allow up to 20% of their staff.
  15. Private vehicles are now allowed to move across district borders.
  16. Airport to remain open.
  17. Public transportation to reopen carrying strictly up to 50% capacity effective Monday 2nd August.
  18. Food markets to remain open. Seasonal markets
  19. Conferences, workshops and seminars remain banned.

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