Trainers of Trainers on Menstrual Health Management

Public Health Ambassadors Uganda(PHAU) in collaboration with its its local partner in the refugee camp Opportunigiee supported trainers during a Cova menstrual health management training session in Nakivale refugee settlement. A team of trainees were educated on how to insert and use the menstrual cup. 

This was during the first menstrual health management training conducted by the opportunigiee trainers under the cova project in Nakivaale refugee settlement earlier in July.

One of the trainers demonstrating how to use the flow cup.
One of the trainers and satisfied users demonstrating how to use the flow cup.

How does the project works?

The Cova project works by providing cups to NGO’s working on menstrual health, who otherwise would not be able to distribute cups to the number of girls who need them.

The Cova Project has three projects: West Point (Liberia), Mzuzu (Malawi) and Nakivale (Uganda). The project has supplied cups to an NGO in South Africa and is being implemented by Public Health Ambassadors Uganda. This will help more girls have access to the cup and further contribute to our thematic area of water, hygiene and sanitation(wash).

Using the Flow-cup

Our menstrual cup, the Flowcup, is made from 100% medical grade silicon and can last up to 10 years. That means a single cup, for just $7, can get a girl through her entire high school experience!  

The cup can also be left in for 12 hours at a time, which means girls are no longer impacted by a lack of sanitary bins or adequate wash facilities at their school or workplace. They need not worry about their period all day and can simply empty it in the privacy of their home, morning and night. Cups also require just a small amount of water to clean, instead of reusable pads that need to be washed well. 

The women from Nakivaale that took part in the training.
The women from Nakivaale that took part in the training.

Reusable pads are great, especially in dry climates, but in places like Uganda which experiences a unpredictable weather, it can be hard to dry them. Menstrual cups are dried with little more than a good shake and are well suited to all climates!

The cup also comes in 2 sizes, to accomodate women beginning their period, women who bleed lightly, women who bleed heavily and women who have had a child, making sure the product experience is right for them.

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