YoSpace serving Iganga young people with Family Planning services

YoSpace serving Iganga young people with Family Planning services

YoSpace continues to reach out to young people in Iganga district with accurate information sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The blend of services includes Family planning, cervical cancer screening, HIV/AIDS through our trained Peer mobilizers attached to various Profam clinics like Iganga Islamic Medical Centre, Pearl View Medical Centre, Ibulanku Health Centre III and Idudi Domiculliary. They also do door to door mobilization of their peers for the uptake of these services.

As a means of further reaching out to our target group, we conducted a Radio talk show on Baba FM in Jinja district to share on Family planning especially the use of long term methods to enable youths who are sexually active stay in school by avoid early and unwanted pregnancies that lead to school dropout and poor completion rates of girls in Iganga district.

The one-hour talk show was also an opportunity to share about the Idudi domiciliary event that saw us reach out to Idudi community with accurate information on Family Planning and Cervical Cancer Screening. 187 young people received services for the entire 3 days. Of these 28 young people received injections, 53 got Implant, Jadelle had 26 clients, 5 received pills, 39 got intrauterine devices (IUD), Cervical cancer screening 20, Sayana press 11.

We also held a Peer Mobilisers meeting to share updates from their different Profam clinics, challenges and experiences from the Inter-Personal Communication Agents (IPCs) that work with Population Services International (PSI Uganda). In the meeting, the peer mobilizers made presentations on how they conduct community sensitization meeting to identify gaps for improvement and guidance from the more experienced IPCs that have been doing the same work for a longer time.

Yospace is being implemented by PHAU with financial support from PSI Uganda.

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