Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Job Title: Marketing and Public Relations Volunteer

Department: Communication

Type: Volunteer & Full time

Reports to: Partnerships & Communications Manager

Job Description:

The post holder will work with the Partnerships and Communications Manager to promote PHAU’s marketing, public relations and promotion programs with the goal of ensuring high visibility for PHAU among stakeholders, the Ministry of Health, development partners and other actors in the following aspects.


A unique opportunity pivotal to the increased awareness efforts of Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU) driving it towards a future of continued success. The role shall include supporting the Open Mic Uganda (OMU) project. PHAU is in partnership with OMU. The role is perfect for a hands-on individual who is confident and proactive to work alongside a team of passionate and enthusiastic visionaries who aim to drive PHAU into becoming a global youth-led and serving organization.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Support development of PHAU’s brand manual.
  •  Develop and implement a marketing plan for PHAU.
  • Establish and champion a clear and consistent marketing strategy.
  • Concisely plan and deliver on marketing activities to lead the department towards building on the organisation’s earlier efforts.
  • Attend networking occasions, events and dinners to represent PHAU and advance its objectives.
  • Identify new and innovative marketing ideas and tactics.
  • Produce copy and write for new campaigns and/ or revamping existing ones; storyboarding for videos.
  • Network and deliver presentations on PHAU projects at community and other relevant networking events.
  • Arrange the effective distribution of marketing materials through volunteer networks.
  • Liaising with graphics designers and other to deliver high quality work in a timely fashion and cost-effectively.
  • Coordinate the sale of books and other literary works written and published under PHAU.

Public Relations

  • Support PHAU’s public relations and promotion programs, with the goal of ensuring high visibility for PHAU
  • Participate and initiate meetings with various stakeholders aimed at promoting PHAU
  • Implement and support advocacy initiatives for the organization.
  • Work closely with the MoH Health Communication and Promotion unit and other agencies to develop strategic FP/SRH/communication plans and ensure that PHAU’s work is in tandem with national objectives.
  • Strengthen and cultivate beneficial relationships with government ministries, NGOs, local leaders and media.
  • Represent PHAU on different forums e.g. MoH meetings, conferences, BCC technical working group, radio and television talk-show
  • Organize Press briefing on PHAU activities
  • Write press releases, articles, blogs and newsletter on PHAU work
  • Organize Cooperate Social Responsibility events
  • Assist in the execution of communication and partnership building activities
  • Maintain a continuous liaison with the concerned service and external partners for the negotiation and implementation of new partnerships.
  • Write reports for various external events attended and list possible partners and benefits.
  • Organize briefing for  the delegates
  • Support and contribute to documentation of all PHAU and OMU events in terms of blogs and video.
  • Ensure complete and accurate editing and proofreading of articles, stories of activities and other works as submitted by relevant stakeholders and project officers.
  • Spearhead publication of articles, books, research and abstracts.
  • Managing and accompanying journalists visits and requests as needed including those by the international press.


  1. Team work: Work with the rest of the team in collective activities.
    1. Meetings: Attend and participate in regular PHAU meetings, present reports.


  • University degree preferably in Marketing, English, Journalism, Public Relations, or Communication.
  • Membership in a reputable Marketing or other relevant professional body.

Experience (Proven in…)

  • Planning and managing successful marketing campaigns across different mediums.
  • Budgeting, planning, and strategizing.
  • Liaison with graphic designers, publishers, conference and events organisers, and printers.
  • Written articles, adverts, newsletters and other promotional material.
  • Authoring thorough and high-quality reports.
  • Knowledge of the youth community and sensitivities as well as charities and the not-for-profit sector.
  • Social trends, PR and Marketing techniques and channels, and effective advertising.


  • Hands-on, results driven, confident, flexible, self-driven, and proactive.
  • Analytical and keen on detail.


  • Excellent communication, team work and interpersonal skills.
  • Good organisational and effective time management skills.
  • Computer savvy and knowledge of Microsoft Office packages especially Word and Excel.
  • Good understanding of design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Comfortable with making key decisions, leadership, and effective negotiation.
  • Adapt easily to changing deadlines, priorities and high-pressure youth environment.
  • Commitment to PHAU’s mission, vision, values and ethos.
  • Commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity.

Interested Candidates should send in their cover letters and CVs to not later than 3rd March, 2020.